About RMC

Since 1963, Ripon Manufacturing Company has an exceptional reputation worldwide as a precision manufacturer of innovative nut processing equipment. Our 63,000 square foot manufacturing facility contains all of the necessary equipment, specific components, and vast steel inventory that allows us to cater to each of our customer’s specialized needs. By utilizing the latest in AUTOCAD 2015 software, our engineers can create each design simply and accurately according to the customer’s desires, securing customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

We strive to maintain an excellent work force, comprised of qualified technicians, engineers, and an administrative staff to assure our customer receives a quality product that we are proud to stand behind. RMC’s location allows us to be accessible for hullers and processors of the San Joaquin Valley of California. In addition, we have manufactured nut processing equipment for food nut growers around the world, including Australia, Chile, Israel, Russia, and Spain.


Large Volume Capacity

  • Six Acre Facility
  • 63,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Shop
  • Vast Steel Parts Inventory
  • AUTOCAD 2015 Software
  • Highly Qualified Personnel
  • Machine Shop
  • 24/7 Seasonal Parts and Service Assistance
  • Metal Coating and Cleaning Paint Booth
  • CNC 220 Ton Press Brake
  • CNC Trumpf 240 Rotating Punch
  • CNC Kent Mill
  • CNC Trumpf TruLaser 1030
  • CNC Marvel M 46012 Saw
  • Manual Marvel Series 8 – Mark II Saw